Water Leak Detection
​Stucco Inspections   Tampa, Orlando, Florida

   The Home Experts, Inc.      

We offer water intrusion services and leak
​detection and ​Stucco inspections

Stucco Services - We offer all Stucco Services - Stucco inspections, stucco failures, stucco problems, stucco damage, stucco help, stucco litigation inspections and stucco repairs.

LEAK DETECTION - Now that we are in the rainy season, call us if you see any moisture inside your home.  We will bring our Thermal Imaging Camera to your home and try and establish the source of the moisture. It is important that any in your home is stopped before mold establishes itself and the repairs become much more expensive.

Consulting, Inspections - The Home Experts can offer a number of services that can identify problems in a home.  We can also share our many years of service to help you save money on your project.

Customer Resolution Inspections. There can be disagreements between home owners/renters with their land lord, builder and HOA over construction issues.  We are very good a listing to all involved and properly diagnosing construction problems.

Odor Control.  We have a Ozone Generator that substantially eliminates most odors and kills mold.

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