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Do You Have a Concrete slab Moisture Problem?

See our Concrete Moisture Testing page.

Do you have moisture or damaged flooring away from the exterior walls? 

Is the moisture or flooring damage in several locations in your home? 

If so, the concrete slab may have a slab moisture problem.

A slab moisture problem is defined as moisture in the concrete slab that is not caused by a plumbing, roof or an exterior leak.  It is also defined as a failure of the moisture barrier under the slab, if any.  All concrete slabs produce moisture, but not enough moisture to create a problem.

You will not find much about this phenomenon on the web as this is a South Florida problem.

I have addressed this condition at least 1500 times. The resolution to the slab moisture problem is difficult.  A permeant solution is expensive so we usually look at what types of flooring will have a good chance of performing well despite the moisture.


If you have a slab moisture problem we can diagnose it and discuss remedies.

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